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Think of the DOC as a virtual conference and resource center.

Just like attending a physical conference, the DOC serves as the virtual conference venue.

There is the auditorium where main events are held, breakout rooms, a resource center, and sponsor hall.

Let’s start with the Welcome Center. When you enter through the welcome center, you’ll have the master controls at your fingertips. Think of it as walking through the front doors of any conference.

As you begin to get the hang of using the DOC, you’ll want to head to the next area, the Networking Café.

This is the part of the DOC that we’re pretty excited about. One of the best parts of any conference is the relationships you build while you’re there. The Networking Café is the place that will serve as your portal to our daily interaction with other members of the Discipleship.org Collective.  In the near future, we will release the Networking Café social media app.

You can also visit our Resource Center. We’re going to try hard not to overwhelm you, but just know that we have thousands of hours of resources in the form of eBooks, blogs, podcasts, and books about disciple making. You can download free eBooks, watch webinars, read blogs, take a course, and listen to some of our many podcasts.

Lastly, don’t forget to visit the Sponsor Hall. Our sponsors and partners are an important part of what we do here at Discipleship.org. We trust that you will be able to find some amazing resources from them. They are carefully vetted prior to being accepted as a sponsor or partner. We are convinced that each one of them will help provide tools to accelerate your disciple making.

Discipleship.org is a collaborative community of men and women committed to the discipleship lifestyle—being disciples of Jesus and making disciples of Jesus.

We champion Jesus-style disciple making and our main goal is that people would become Jesus-style disciple makers.

That is why we host National Disciple Making Forums every year. We know that it’s life-on-life interactions with other disciples—by the power of the Holy Spirit—that produces change to become more like Jesus.

Imagine a day when disciple making is the norm for the local church! Everyday Christians engage in relationships with people (inside and outside the church) so that they can show the love of Jesus and help people to trust and follow him. Churches are known as disciple-making places, where Jesus-like people are created. And pastors are evaluated by the people they raise up and the disciple makers they have made in the Spirit’s power. Jesus’ message AND Jesus’ methods dominate.

Discipleship.org is here to service you. Our team monitors all help requests regularly. If you need to contact our helpdesk for any reason, please email [email protected].

Try refreshing the page so that it can reload. If that doesn’t work, shut your browser down and restart it. That usually fixes the problem.

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