Becoming a Disciple Maker eBook—Now Available!

In this new book,’s co-founder, Bobby Harrington, joins with Greg Wiens of Healthy Growing Churches to introduce and explore the pathway to becoming a disciple maker using a five-level framework. Focusing on helping individuals identify where they are on the disciple making scale (Levels 1 – 5) and what’s needed to become a Level 5 disciple maker, Bobby and Greg seek to make you a champion of disciple making.

This short eBook is positioned as a “field guide” to help everyday Christians and leaders compare and contrast the differences between subtraction, addition, and multiplication cultures in disciple making.

eBook Contents

Introduction: Continuing the Conversation
Chapter 1: Why Should I Want to Become a Level 5 Disciple Maker
Chapter 2: Can Any Christian Become a Disciple Maker?
Chapter 3: Why Develop an Assessment Instrument?
Chapter 4: Why Should I Assess My Disciple-Making Ability?
Chapter 5: The Spiritual Family Metaphor
Chapter 6: How Do We Apply the Results to Our Lives?

Ebook - Becoming a Disciple Maker

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