This is the visual primer for the book Revival Starts Here by Pastor Dave Clayton.

“Pastor Clayton shows how prayer and fasting are not only biblical but also doable.” — RAY ORTLUND

Revival Starts Here is a short and pointed conversation about the way in which biblical prayer and fasting can prepare the way for fresh revival in our churches, our cities, our nation—and beyond.

This primer is a visual introduction to the book, which provides a summary of the book embedded in story—in an engaging, visual format.

  • Learn of the importance of fasting for the lost today.
  • Read the story of Awaken Nashville, and how God united over 700 churches to pray and fast together.
  • See inside the book of Revival Starts Here.
  • Catch a vision for what God might do in your city.
  • Be inspired to pray and fast—together.

If you long to experience revival, then this conversation is for you.

Will you join what God is doing?

eBook: Revival Starts Here Primer

DAVE CLAYTON is a follower of Jesus, husband to Sydney, and dad to Micah, Jack, and Judah. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee, where he helps lead Ethos Church, Onward Church Planting, and Awaken Nashville. Dave is passionate about making disciples, planting churches, and awakening a movement for the glory of God, the joy of the church, and the good of the multitudes who don’t yet know Jesus.