Now more than ever, information is cheap. The internet is a warehouse of information that we can have access to frequently and easily. When information is at our fingertips, we forget that “knowing” and “becoming” are not synonyms. It’s far more convenient to open a book than it is to open your life. Allowing another person to really see you, weaknesses and all, is difficult.

Jesus’ way of making disciples was incarnational, face-to-face, and life-on-life. In disciple making, nothing can ever replace really seeing another person. No book, no matter how well written, can really see you or speak directly into your specific context.

So why write about this topic? And why do we need another book adding to the overwhelming reams of written word already out there?

Because it’s still true that, “the laborers are few” (Matt. 9:37). If there were enough laborers, then you’d have someone with the heart, vision, skill, experience, and availability to walk alongside you as you learned how to make disciple makers.

This book is especially aimed at pastors and church leaders. A Resource, it will help you develop a CORE team, which is the solid foundation from which to build a disciple making culture. Such a foundation will drive transformation both in yourself and in your church.

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eBook: The Foundation of a Disciple Making Culture

Justin G. Gravitt

Justin Gravitt has devoted his life to sharing Jesus with the world by making generations of disciple makers. His primary passion is to help everyday disciples repurpose their lives in light of God’s plan for them to be disciple makers. Justin has served for over twenty years with The Navigators; on the college campus, as a missionary in SE Asia, and now with pastors and church leaders. He is currently the executive director for the Dayton Disciple Makers Network and hosts The Practitioners’ Podcast. Justin lives in Dayton, Ohio, with his wife and four children. You can learn more at