Online Forum’s Key Distinctive


11 TRACKS(3 Sessions Each) ON APRIL 30TH

3 Main Sessions on Wednesday, April 29th
11 Track Sessions on Thursday, April 30th

  • Ted-Style Keynote Presentations

  • Live Keynote Speaker Panel Conversations

  • Live Interactive Small Group Breakout Conversations

The Theme is King Jesus:
“The gospel you believe determines the disciple you make.”Dallas Willard & Bill Hull

Keynote Speakers – April 29th


8 Keynote Presenters

Bill HullBill Hull
Brooke HempellBrooke Hempell
Shodankeh JohnsonShodankeh Johnson
Joanne KraftJoanne Kraft
Brandon GuindonBrandon Guindon
David YoungDavid Young
Drew HyunDrew Hyun
Mark MooreMark Moore

15+ Track Session Speakers – April 30th

Bill Hull
Ben Sobels
Sandy Mason
Cindy Perkins
Jim Thomas
Jason Houser

Danny Heiberg
Joanne Kraft
Teasi Cannon
Elliot Taylor
Scott Kessler
Greg Ogden

Ralph Rittenhouse
Jim Putman
Luke Yetter
Joel Owen
Christian Ray

Brett Andrews
Guy Hammond
David Young
Steve McCoy
Dann Spader

Breakout Sessions


The Bonhoeffer Project— Disciple Making Gaps

Discipleship for Women— Discipling Women in Hard Places

Exponential— Mobilize Disciples to Multiply Disciples

Faith International University— Discipling Biblically, the Master Plan Way: What It Is and What It Isn’t

Global Discipleship Initiative— Turning Your Church into a Disciple Making Mission

Relational Discipleship Network— Creating A Disciple Making Culture Outside the Walls of the Church— The Teachings of Jesus to Fuel Disciple Making

Small Circle— Disciple Making at a Table for Two

Like Jesus/Sonlife— Creating a Culture of Disciple Making

Dedicated to Family Discipleship— Family Discipleship Happens in Relationship: Building Strong Family Relationships

Third Drive Media— Discipling Through Media Success Stories and Trends

At our 2020 Online National Disciple Making Forum, we will help everyone move through three stages during our main sessions:
1st Main Session – Leaving Cultural Christianity
2nd Main Session – Shifting to Obedience Based Discipleship
3rd Main Session – Surrendering to King Jesus
In addition to these 3 main stages sessions, we will host numerous teaching tracks and disciple making organizations.

Digital Access Pass


  • Train your team

  • Content from the Forum

  • 1-year access

  • Special limited time pricing available to Forum registrants

  • Regular price $99 limited time sale of $79 (sale price ends 5/1/20)



Live Online Access Pass(Live Forum Only)


Digital Access Pass (Live Online Access Pass + 1 Year of Access to Recorded Content)


We know times are tough for a lot of you right now, which is why we made the LiveStream free for everyone. We took a big leap of faith and we’re hoping that this will bless many disciple makers around the world. In an effort to try and recoup some of our expenses for making this event free for everyone, we are taking donations. For those who are willing and able to donate, it would be a powerful gesture of trust and support that we will not forget. To donate, simply add the desired donation amount, and it will be added to your total at checkout. Thank you!

What Can I Expect?


Yes, you will now be able to see the 3 main sessions on Wednesday, April 29th and 11 Disciple Making paths on Thursday, April 30th (3 sessions each).  All 11 paths start at 9:00 Pacific Time.

Yes, you can sign up for a *Digital Access Pass for recordings of all main and breakout sessions.

No, the LiveStream is now FREE.  You can purchase the Digital Access Pass for $79 until May 1st (after that it will increase to $99).

We believe this change may allow even more people to participate with us…those who couldn’t travel, those who had hometown obligations, those whose plans have changed because of COVID-19.  Now, many more people will be able to join us!

There are no further refunds permitted within 30 days of the event as stated in our refund policy.

You’ll want to contact the hotels and airlines directly to discuss this, but nearly all airlines are offering very flexible credits so you can use those plane tickets later (including coming to Nashville for the 2020 National Disciple Making Forum Nashville…or Phoenix in 2021) and hotels are relaxing their reservations policies so it’s quite possible you’ll be able to cancel those rooms in advance.

You’ll be able to connect directly to the interactive live breakouts, as well as the main sessions.  You can also sign up for the *Digital Access Pass, good for one year.

We’d rather you keep your log-in access on your computer only, but you can project your screen for more viewers if you like (pay attention to CDC guidelines for group gatherings).  But please don’t share your log-in link.

You’ll have everything you need before April 29th. (If you don’t, be sure to email [email protected])

We’re planning to be live and in person at Desert View Bible Church in Phoenix on April 28-30, 2021.

*1. Digital Access Pass content is for personal and team use and may not be re-posted, modified or sold without permission of The purchase entitles you to use the Digital Access Pass on one individual’s computer or mobile device. That person may show and use the material to train team members but may not further distribute the content beyond the individual purchaser’s computer. Distribution limitations are similar to songs purchased on iTunes. The songs may be played for other people via the purchaser’s device but may not be copied and further distributed to other individuals.

2. Purchasers may NOT share their passwords for others to download content. Content may only be downloaded by the purchaser to their computer.

3. Content will be available to download for one year after the date of purchase.

4. Purchases are non-refundable.

5. Content of each Speaker’s talk is their individual Copyright / Property and may not be used or distributed except as expressly stated in these terms and conditions above.

Partner Track Leaders

Relational Discipleship Network
Bonhoeffer Project
Discipleship for Women

Small Circle
Navigators Church Ministries
Global Discipleship Initiative
Sonlife (Like Jesus)
Faith International University

“A great event for those who want to fulfill the Great Commission by making reproducing disciples.” 

—ROBERT COLEMAN, Author of The Master Plan of Evangelism

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